Bit of a Slump

Hello friends 🙂

I just wanted to check in to say hi, because it’s Friday and I told myself I post on all Fridays now! (But I didn’t have the foresight to have something planned in case I wasn’t able to get something good up for you all.)

Unfortunately, I am in a bit of an emotional slump. It sometimes feels like I’m going through the motions of how I usually behave, and that feels very forced and unnatural. When I see my friends, I tell myself I’m happy to see them and I laugh real hard at their jokes because my friends are funny!

But I’ve been feeling a bit off. I thought this feeling would stop by the beginning of the week and it’s still here. I have to not only accommodate this but I need to actively work to push myself out of this mental ditch I’ve fallen into so I can do the things I would like to do.

In the meantime, if you have anything that helps get you out of little slumps like this, I’d really appreciate if you could share them! Last week, I was feeling very… nothing, but I watched a bunch of cute animal videos and that really did help get my emotions flowing again.

Thanks and I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’m off to see Darren Criss and Betsy Wolfe tonight at the Kennedy Center!