Coming soon: Disneyland recaps!

Isn’t it nuts that I have stayed on schedule since Lent began but I still don’t have all my Spring Break 2016 posts up yet? I just can’t help myself with being late with those.

In all seriousness, I am currently working on Disneyland recaps for you all and really rushing to finish because I have some travel coming up. It is not ready today HOWEVER I would rather increase posting frequency to have these up so that the recap posts for my upcoming travel don’t have to be too delayed, so if I am able to get these done in a few quick bursts of writing + uploading, that would be ideal! I don’t want to promise anything, but basically I should be set for the next few weeks of content because I’ve booked myself so thoroughly and still have yet to finish these Spring Break 2016 recaps. We just had so much fun, and breaking up the days into multiple posts has helped keep them from getting too cumbersome but also means a little more time to agonize over each one.

I leave you with this preview…

For your patience, here’s some bonus photos of our bachelorette crew:

And, as I don’t think I’ll see the photos in time, some shots from the IGDC Instameet I attended this past weekend!

Another #fromwhereistand / #ihavethisthingwithfloors of this incredible floor mural I saw
Taken by my new friend Albert (@pootie_ting) in front of a club I last visited when I was 18

There were a lot of photos taken, so maybe I will also hustle for a recap here, especially since my yellow skirt attracted a lot of attraction from the many talented photographers!

In the meantime, thanks so much for your patience over the past few weeks! I hope to have all that I promise for you and more out soon.