Cool Down for Fall

Hello all!

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, the first official day of my favorite season. I used to love winter the most, but after a day in such cold that I literally forgot what it felt like to not be cold… I realized I like the warm cozy feeling that comes with the holiday season and looking at snow moreso than winter itself. I’m a fan of hygge moreso than the uglier sides of winter, if you will.

You can only buy one or a dozen doughnuts, there is no in-between. I didn’t get any of my usual favorites so that I could get a box full o’ fall flavors.

With the cooler months here (in the Northern Hemisphere), I’ve been reflecting on how busy I’ve been keeping. You may have seen some think pieces about why we are always telling each other and ourselves that we’re just soooo busy and bragging about how busy we are keeping ourselves. I’m definitely very guilty of this, and I used to really love keeping myself busy because I am very extroverted, so many of my evenings are spent doing things with friends or meeting new people.


Lately, I’ve been finding that I am home for the evening maybe once a week, if that. If I’m not at a movie screening or event or meeting up with friends, I am working late and still getting home after dark anyway. While I’m glad that my reinvestment of my time into my friends is helping me feel more socially fulfilled as well as to be a better friend, it is really starting to take a toll on me to only drag myself through my front door after 8PM every day of the week. I told Ben that I wanted us to cook dinner at home more, but I’m only home at dinnertime once a week? And I’ve been meaning to do a big cleanup of our place, but don’t spend enough time at home to do it. On top of that, I have been wanting to make some moves career-wise and build my skills more actively, but I am wiped out by the time I get home to the point where I don’t even take my computer out of my bag most nights I’m home. (Except when I have to write a blog post, of course!)

So I’m going to be consciously trying to dial it back a bit. Commit to my nights at home as much as I commit to my nights out. Schedule my time to be at home and cook and clean and run errands and just enjoy being at home. Relax. I’ve never been good at relaxing, but I hear practice makes perfect.

I’m really excited about the fall this year! I have a lot of great costume opportunities and some great costumes lined up. (You all know I’m a sucker for dressing up.) And October-November-December brings out the greatest festive season of the year. Before I know it, I’ll be writing up my 2017 resolutions post! (!!!!)

This is one of the best times of the year, and I am really looking forward to it. But I am also going to make sure to let myself pause and relax and soak it all in, as well.

What are you looking forward to this fall? (Or spring, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!)