AwesomeCon Day 1 VLOG

YouTube has been a big part of my life for the better part of a decade now (dang, time flies), and of course, as with many other fascinations in my life, I have made several attempts to get in on it. (RIP all the failed Babysitters Clubs I tried to start up…) It seems that every few years, I attempt to make videos on YouTube and then quickly take them down in embarrassment. Taking them down is always sad because I work laboriously on videos, as I don’t have a natural talent for shooting or editing or talking to a camera. (It’s a good way to learn how many times you say “um” while talking…)

This year, I felt a renewed interest in documenting things in video as my YouTube viewing habits have changed. In truth, almost every time I take photos I also take video, but the only thing I dread more than editing photos is editing video.

However, I was very determined to really commit to publishing some videos this year, and that determination was further cemented when my friend Megan got a new camera and started putting out really amazing vlogs. (So quickly!) I hope to be able to achieve better results with more practice and less procrastination but without further ado…

Here is my vlog for Day 1 of AwesomeCon 2017!

This was a lot of fun to edit but it did take me a looooong time, so we shall see if I can get days 2 and 3 up in timely fashion. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Do you have any feedback for my first video attempt? What was good / bad?
Are there any past adventures you’d like to see videos from? Some things I have footage from include my San Francisco trip from earlier this year (which was originally going to be my first vlog…) so let me know!