Unscheduled Hiatus

Happy Friday!

I did not mean to take this unscheduled break from posting but the second half of August has proven to be a lot busier than I initially thought. I am planning a spot of travel right when September starts, and have a lot of family obligations over the weekends, which means I am grinding a lot during my already sparse weekday evenings. (Remember when I was trying to cool it with my weekday obligations… oh to dream…)

I will try to get some posts scheduled for the time that I’m out, but I think I will be taking a break from posting until I come back closer to the end of September. (I’ll be doing my annual trip to Manhattan and revisiting Paris if you have any suggestions for what I should do!)

Also, reviews and updates from me will continue to go up on Punch Drunk Critics so you can follow along there if you’re craving movie reviews from me!

Can you believe summer is about to end? It really seems to fly by once we turn the Fourth of July corner.

How will you be squeezing the last bit of summer in? I’m a bit sad that I haven’t gone to the beach this summer, despite a few attempts to get myself to the ocean. But we still have over a month before the autumnal equinox, so we all have plenty of time to summer it up!

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