Anime Backlog

After having a discussion with a coworker about what anime series he should start watching next, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own extremely long backlog of shows (and movies) to watch. You see, even though I have attended a few anime conventions now and consider myself a casual anime fan, I’ve only seen a fairly small handful of series all the way through. On top of that, I am watching almost NO current ongoing shows (except for Food Wars) and having really watched anything on the newer side in many, many years. In addition, I actually haven’t seen many of the “classics” either.

This has always felt like a really huge gap of knowledge of mine, only made more apparent when I attend anime conventions. Sure, my ability to somehow stay abreast of areas of pop culture I care about (anime, TV shows, video games, movies) without actually consuming these specific things keeps me from being as lost as, say, my husband, who watches nearly no anime at all and never got into it when he was younger. But I know I’m missing out on some good stuff in the world of anime.

So here is just a shortlist of some of the anime movies and shows that I hope I can watch soon:

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Friday Favorites (9)

We made it to Friday~

This week felt a bit shorter, to me, or like it went a bit faster. On the one hand, it’s a bit of a relief that I don’t feel like these weeks are a torturous slog but on the other hand, I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing that my hours and days are just melting into one another. I think a big part of why my week seems to have sped past me is that, instead of finishing work and settling into existential dread for several hours before I fall asleep, I’ve been squeezing in 2 workouts a day during the work week because I am trying to take advantage of the free classes that have been made available to me on top of doing my 14-day challenge. Going from 0 workouts a month to 2 a day has been, uh, HARD, even with me maybe half-effort-ing some of them so that put together I have one whole efforted workout, but I’m glad I’ve survived so far, although I don’t know that I’ll survive any longer.

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Eco-Guilt in Quarantine

Ramadan Mubarak to those who observe and your families.

earth love GIF by TaylorAnneDraws

This is my confession to the eco-sins I have been committing in quarantine. I am acknowledging that I haven’t been doing as much of my part as I have in the past, even taking steps back on the progress I made and expressed pride in yesterday. These are unique circumstances, and I understand that, but I still feel guilty about the following things:Read More »

Earth Day 50 🌏


Day Earth GIF by Sophie Corrigan

Earth Day has long been one of my favorite holidays, because I have long been a planet-loving tree-hugging kind of girl. I still fondly remember working for my middle school newspaper and volunteering to do an article on Earth Day…

… and submitting essentially an entire zine about Earth Day. (Weirdly enough, it wasn’t put in the paper…)

This year’s Earth Day actually marks the 50th anniversary of the holiday: the first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970 and marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

We all know by now that, thanks to decades of ongoing hurt inflicted upon our home, we have to be active about trying to nurse it back to health, for our own sake and for the sake of the generations to come after us. I felt really inspired attending September’s Global Climate Strike, where I saw so many young people fighting so hard to preserve our planet.

Part of me felt disappointed with myself for not having made as much of an impact myself with regards to the climate movement, especially when I compare my fervor now to when I was these students’ age. But I am trying to remember that I have made a lot of eco-friendly changes in my life that counts!

And remember that corporate spending and wasting matters a lot more to the planet than whether a coffeeshop offers plastic straws or not, but millions of people using fewer plastic straws doesn’t hurt!

Here are a few things I’ve changed/added to my life in my efforts to lessen my negative impact on the Earth:

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Make sure you rest

Hi all,

Fighting the urge to spring right back to lists on lists on lists, but I just wanted to say that I know many of you are starting to… feel it this week. We have been sheltering in place for weeks now and it is not normal, even if we are settling into our new routines.

It may be routine but it’s not normal.

Even people who have been working full-time remote/from their homes for years have been feeling it. I have been reading accounts where people who have worked from their home offices for over a decade are starting to feel burned out for the first time in their careers.

We are dealing with a lot, mentally, even those of us who have been avoiding the news. People are constantly talking about it, after all, so unless you are also avoiding social interaction (which seems ill-advised during this time), you can’t really avoid it.

So please take the time to rest and make sure you’re taking care of yourself, especially if you have been taking care of others. If you have something that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, well… this may not be the kind of special occasion you had in mind, but it certainly is “special”. Eat the fancy whatever in your pantry or use the nice thingamabob you were gifted. Wear your favorite shirt, even if it’s a holiday-themed and has a stain on it.

Let me know how you’re taking care of yourself during these times. I am taking the time to cook good meals for myself when I can (even though I am still figuring out time management around preparing my lunches) and doing a looooot of stretching. Also, I sit on the floor of my bathroom in the dark, because it’s the darkest room of my apartment and I get migraines, but with a candle to make it feel nice and not sad.

Take care.