Coming soon: Disneyland recaps!

Isn’t it nuts that I have stayed on schedule since Lent began but I still don’t have all my Spring Break 2016 posts up yet? I just can’t help myself with being late with those.

In all seriousness, I am currently working on Disneyland recaps for you all and really rushing to finish because I have some travel coming up. It is not ready today HOWEVER I would rather increase posting frequency to have these up so that the recap posts for my upcoming travel don’t have to be too delayed, so if I am able to get these done in a few quick bursts of writing + uploading, that would be ideal! I don’t want to promise anything, but basically I should be set for the next few weeks of content because I’ve booked myself so thoroughly and still have yet to finish these Spring Break 2016 recaps. We just had so much fun, and breaking up the days into multiple posts has helped keep them from getting too cumbersome but also means a little more time to agonize over each one.

I leave you with this preview…

For your patience, here’s some bonus photos of our bachelorette crew:

And, as I don’t think I’ll see the photos in time, some shots from the IGDC Instameet I attended this past weekend!

Another #fromwhereistand / #ihavethisthingwithfloors of this incredible floor mural I saw
Taken by my new friend Albert (@pootie_ting) in front of a club I last visited when I was 18

There were a lot of photos taken, so maybe I will also hustle for a recap here, especially since my yellow skirt attracted a lot of attraction from the many talented photographers!

In the meantime, thanks so much for your patience over the past few weeks! I hope to have all that I promise for you and more out soon.

Because you only live once?

As I’m in-between full-time jobs and/or possibly starting school in the fall (shhhhh), I have been more careful about where I spend my money than usual. (And I’m pretty frugal as it is.)

But you know what? Sometimes, experiences that cost money give you a lot more in return.
Also, I like to think that I’m investing in things to look forward to this year. Remember how I said that I said yes to more opportunities in 2013 and then didn’t do that in 2014? Well, time to say yes again.

Because I’ll admit, when I hit those mood lows, I don’t look forward to the next day, week, month, year, whatever. I get very stuck in the stress of living in the present and stressing over the past that I don’t even want to begin stressing about the future. It was really important during really difficult weeks of school for me to give myself something to look forward to at the end of the week so that I didn’t just give up in the middle of the week, no matter how much I wanted to. Even if it was something like: “Okay, Starr, you have three exams this week BUT if you survive them, you can buy an éclair for dessert on Friday. For lunch AND dinner if you want!” (Fact: I love éclairs.)

I hit a low like this last week. It wasn’t fun; I felt like I was just existing and it was getting really exhausting. Don’t get me wrong; there were no thoughts of self-harm involved here. You know that feeling at the end of a really long day when you barely want to change or wash up, you just want to collapse onto your bed and close your eyes and put the day behind you?
Take that and concentrate it and you’ll get an idea of what I was feeling. Very emotionally exhausted by life, specifically by worrying about life, and not seeing an end to that worrying anytime soon, which was exhausting to think about it and of itself. I just felt so… done. Spent.

So, this weekend, I’ve been giving myself things to look forward to, investing in myself for those days and weeks and months when I don’t want to do things and need to be forced to leave my room.

Here are a few things I have planned over the next few months that I’m pretty excited for!

  • March 22 – Kazuo Ishiguro reading and signing for The Buried Giant

    • I haven’t found a friend to attend this with yet, but maybe I should really work on being comfortable attending things alone?
    • Linking to his US book tour if you’re interested in an event in your city or mine!
  • March 27 – NSO Pops: Do You Hear the People Sing ft. Lea Salonga
    • I have never seen the NSO before and I love Lea Salonga, so I cannot communicate how excited I am for this!
  • April 8 – Christine & Karen‘s visit!
    • Super excited for them to come visit, especially because I actually have never attended the Cherry Blossom Festival!
  • May 17 – Color Run DC

    • I know, I know, I hate paying to run around, but apparently having money on the line is the only way to get me to practice evading kidnappers?
    • If you’re interested in joining me, I do have a team set up, so let me know 🙂
  • September 18 – Stromae concert
    • Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet but I’m excited to see Stromae in person!
    • Also I haven’t been to a concert in a long time, so this will be fun
    • Linking to his US tour if you’re interested in seeing him perform in your city or mine!

I have other things going on, but these are the things I’m locking down just this week.
(And also I’m just super excited for Karen and Christine to visit, but that’s been in the works for some time now!)

These are gifts to myself, to reward myself for just surviving. I wish I didn’t need it, but some days I do. And it’s important to treat yo self, right? I’m still learning to do this.

How are you planning to treat your self in the coming weeks?

Coming soon: Travel Tips!

(Struggling a bit to blog every day while adjusting to my new work schedule, so please pardon posts that are incoherent and/or don’t have images.)

Remember back when I came back from China, and I had all these ideas for blog posts that I wrote down so I wouldn’t forget them?

I almost forgot about them but I think this month is as good a time as any to start rolling out the new series!

I have really been super fortunate to have had as many opportunities as I have had to travel. My parents were always big on using our family vacation time to travel and take photos experience something new. Over time, I feel like travel has become much easier for me, as I have learned a lot about how to travel efficiently. (Often, I learned the hard way…)

SO! I have a handful of posts that I’d love to share with regards to how to make your life (as well as the lives of others) easier when you travel. I don’t always follow my own advice, and some of my tips may not apply to everyone.

Look forward to seeing those in the coming weeks/months/eventually. (You know how this blog works by now :P)