Too much fun, too little weekend

I have a very jam-packed weekend awaiting me after I come back from work on Friday. Specifically, a jam-packed Saturday. I will be leaving campus at 7 AM to go to the ODK Drive-In at University of Richmond. The road trip to and from Richmond and a fun day of networking are penciled into my planner.

But wait, there’s more! Immediately after coming back from Richmond, depending on how soon we can return, I jump into dance mode, preparing for our senior formal and getting ready to attend that with my friends.

It sounds like I’m going to gripe, though, doesn’t it?
Yep. Grab your cheese, here comes the whine.

There are a LOT of fun things going on this weekend, especially this Saturday. There would be no way for me to attend all of them, but with me being in Richmond for most of the day and embarrassing myself for most of the evening, I can’t attend any of them. Here’s a list of just a few things that I will be missing out on this weekend:

  • The Wizards vs. Rockets game, which gets everyone excited for Jeremy Lin and they’re doing some special stuff for all us DC-area Asian-Americans

  • ECAASU, which is going to be Columbia University, has had the fee waived thanks to our Asian American Studies department, and will feature some of my favorite APA Youtubers like Jason Chen, David So, and Clara Chung

  • UMD vs. Clemson game, which I would’ve had the chance to sit in the CapitalOne box in thanks to my supah cool connections
  • Going home to have a belated Chinese New Year celebration with my family, whom I haven’t seen since the semester started

That’s to name a few that I’m particularly sad about missing.

I hope my festivities this weekend are super fun and worth the time!

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