Day 6 – A stranger

Dear stranger,

I would love to know what is going through your mind as I walk past you. What are you thinking about? The lyrics to the song playing in your ears? The witty comeback you’ve thought of an hour too late? The delicious meal you’re going to have later? The idiot who almost ran you over earlier and, goshdarnit, aren’t people so inconsiderate?
I love learning people’s stories, and I would love to know yours.

Would we be friends, I wonder? Would we have a lot in common? Would we have a similar sense of humor? Would we like the same shows and movies? Would we share views on politics and religion and…

… would you like me, I wonder?

What would you think when you saw me walking past? It’s a bit egotistic to think that I would occupy your thoughts for any amount of time…
… but would I?

I can’t help but wonder.

Another stranger

“Missed Connections” by Adrian Tomine

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