Euro Eating!

With less than a week left until I leave for my family vacation to Europe, I have been put in charge of planning our itineraries and looking up all the information for where we want to go.

Essentially, I have been assigned to be our free-of-charge tour guide.

While I plan out where we go and how we get there, I have been thinking of food. Some people gave me great suggestions on Facebook for what I should be seeking out when I’m abroad, including but not limited to:

  • Döner kebab in Berlin (apparently, Turkish food is really popular as street food in Germany and most of Europe)
  • Ratatouille in Paris (hoping the French chefs’ versions blow the American ones I’ve had out of the water)
  • Gelato or gelato crepes from Amorino in Paris
  • Mogador (passionfruit) macaron from Pierre Herme in Paris
  • Ice cream (but not sorbet!) from Berthillion in Paris
  • Bangers & mash and fish & chips in London
  • Snails & frogs legs in Paris (psh, I’ve already had the Chinese versions of these)\
  • Beef bourguignone in Paris
  • Brændende kærlighed in Copenhagen
  • Kroppkaka in Stockholm
  • Blini in St. Petersburg

What else should I be absolutely SURE to eat?
What can I pass on? What should I avoid?

To give you some insight on my food preferences, I don’t really like dairy and I do not eat cheese. I have kind of a wimpy palate, so nothing terribly spicy or SUPERDUPERBOLD in flavor would be preferable.

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