Slacker Shake

It seems deceptively simple, but if you chuck ice cream sandwiches and milk into a blender, you get a VERY delicious milkshake. (Starr tested and approved!)

ALSO I cannot recommend TasteMade‘s series “Thirsty for…” enough. It’s beautifully produced, set to great music, and usually quite accurate. Maybe the recipes aren’t as easy to make at home as some others, but it would seem that the drinks are very authentic to their roots. (Although some Southerners complained that their newest sweet tea didn’t have enough sugar.)

I also really like that they give you a little bit of background on each drink. (Apparently, America is the only country where people drink more tea iced than hot. The more you know!)

Definitely watch if you’re a fan of high production value and yummy drinks! TasteMade takes food porn (or drink porn) to the next level.

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