Uh-oh, no more procrastinating

My computer’s motherboard zonked out on me this past weekend. @_@

I really hope I can fix it, but I should be able to salvage my hard drive. Whichever happens, I will be uploading the rest of my photos from my vacation ASAP (I still have to upload Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, and my last few days in London).

THEN I will finish up the blog posts for all the cities. I will write all fast and furious until they are done so that they aren’t looming over my head as the weather starts getting really cold.


In the mean time, please recover quickly, computer! D:

One thought on “Uh-oh, no more procrastinating

  1. Are you sure it’s the motherboard? The power supply is usually the main culprit when computers fail to turn on, although I’ve had a MB or two give up the ghost as well. If it is the motherboard, as long as you have a non proprietary board, the swap will be a bit more cumbersome than switching out the power supply, but fairly straightforward. Your HD should be okay, but you’ve also been making backups, riiiight? 😉


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