Color Flash Mob

Color Flash Mob

I was tagged in a really fun challenge on Instagram recently. The basic gist of it is that you are given a color and then you take a photo arranging as many objects as you’d like in that color family.

I enjoyed this challenge because I’m usually a bit visual-creativity-challenged, so it’s nice to try to flex those skills a bit. I am really pleased with how mine turned out (and red is my spirit color) so I’d actually love to see some of you do these!

Mine is actually very representative of who I am, I realized.

  • I have a flag and little doll from China
  • I have my London phonebox tea tin (I’m
  • My New York notebook
  • A Fabergé egg and matryoshka doll from Russia
  • My Mickey Mouse umbrella and Minnie Mouse snowglobe
  • Yelp sunglasses
  • One of my CTY lanyards
  • A turtle stress-toy from my alma mater
  • A rose hair accessory
  • A little strawberry gum box
  • A random plastic cherry

It’s actually a decent snapshot of my life, if I do say so myself, but that was not entirely intentional. I cannot deny that red is an important color in my life, though.

Please comment if you’d like a color, or pick a color yourself, and share yours! I’d love to see what you guys put together.

I’m probably going to try another color soon. Let me know what color you’d like to see next!

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