Anything Goes! [review]

Last week, I went back to the Warner Theatre to see Anything Goes!, courtesy of Yelp NoVa. (Thanks Gretchen!)

My program from the evening


Oh man, it was so wonderful. As fun as the 50 Shades musical parody was, I was so happy to return to traditional musical theater, complete with long dance numbers.

TL;DR: I really loved this show, so much. It’s a bit old fashioned (Cole Porter wrote the songs, after all), but it was so much fun, I had a smile on my face the whole time.

I’ll keep this review short but let’s go through a few bullets:

  • Cole Porter’s songs are so fun
  • The cast members of this touring production were great
    • Emma Stratton was phenomenal  as Reno Sweeney. I got this amazing Marilyn Monroe vibe from her performance, and she carried the entire show on her shoulders with her strong voice, impeccable comedic timing, and fabulous dance numbers. Sh’s the star of the show and didn’t let us down.
  • Yes, there are 2 “chinamen” characters in the show, but it is an old show and they could have easily just had an all-white cast. That being said, as racist as the portrayals of Chinese people was in this show, they still managed to make it really fun and funny.
  • The character dynamics in this show are so great and hilarious, from the foolishly proper Lord Oakleigh to the status-upholding Mrs. Harcourt to the too-old-to-care Eli Whitney.
  • The show is on the longer side but every minute is worth it, I promise you this.
    • Especially if you love tapdancing
  • Extraordinary work by stage crew, lighting folks, sound folks

Oh man, I just… see a musical at the theater if you can. Catch Anything Goes! if you can.

You won’t regret it.

Here, Sutton Foster performs. I preferred Emma Stratton’s effortless, subtle, sultry performance a bit but, of course, Sutton is amazing.

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