2021 in Books

Another year, another reading challenge attempted. By lowering the bar for myself, I am back in the good graces of my Goodreads challenge! I actually got to start commuting to work for a few days this year, but unfortunately I was stuck on slower-paced non-fiction books so it didn’t help with my reading pace much.

Reading just always takes a backseat, so I’m going to think really hard about how I can set aside dedicated “hobbies” time and to make sure some of that time goes to reading for fun.

Anyway, here are the books I read this year:

Covers of books I read in 2021
  1. King of Scars
  2. Homegoing
  3. Blood of Elves
  4. Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex
  5. Loathe at First Sight
  6. Song of Achilles
  7. Exhalation
  8. The Time of Contempt
  9. Such a Fun Age
  10. Rule of Wolves
  11. Hail Mary
  12. Crying in H-Mart
  13. Red, White, & Royal Blue
  14. Transcendent Kingdom
  15. Solutions and Other Problems
  16. The Lightning Thief
  17. The Sea of Monsters
  18. The Titan’s Curse
  19. The Art of Showing Up
  20. Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

What were your favorite reads in 2021? Mine were Homegoing, Exhalation, Hail Mary, and Solutions and Other Problems, which I read when I was feeling so, so low and made me laugh out loud, which I rarely do.

What books do you recommend I read in 2022? I’ll probably keep on with book series, like more Witcher, more Percy Jackson. I would like to read more fantasy and sci-fi series by and about women and POC. I’m definitely in the market for more fast-paced series that I can devour when I’m in a reading slump, so please let me know your recommendations! And I’ve read almost none of the physical books from last year’s to-be-read pile so those go into next year’s pile, too 🙃

This year, I also started watching a couple (as in literally 2) booktubers at the recommendation of a friend, so it just feels like I have more books being added to be TBR pile than ever before. That same friend suggested I start my own booktube endeavor but, as you can see, I don’t really read enough to attempt it!

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