Exciting September

I promise promise promise you all that I am drafting my city-by-city recap posts from my vacation. I am well-aware that I left for vacation way over a month ago and I am now approaching the one-month point since I returned. SORRY! It hurts me, too, because every day that I don’t write about my vacation, I forget little things I learned about each city or saw or heard or felt.

But those posts will come. There are drafts saved. Photos are being uploaded. I’m going to get this done!

They won’t be coming for at least a week, because I have a super jam-packed week coming up.

September 8 – Six Flags trip
September 10 – Red Lobster Yelp dinner event
September 11 – Muse concert (!!!!!!)

I think that blogging about my foray into the Baltic Sea region will be a great way for me to get over the adrenaline crash of all these exciting things happening to me.

It’s also nice that this September, I’ll be kept busy with these activities, since this is the first September in 18 years that I haven’t been attending classes. It feels really… off. So all these fun things can distract me from my strange existential crisis. 🙂

I usually try to space out my fun activities to about one per week so that I have something to look forward to at the end of every week. Also, I often have a hard time concentrating when I have a lot of things during the entire week. Plus, that lull where I have several exciting activities and then nothing for weeks can be really grueling.

I’ll also be going to Manhattan at the end of the month for a little weekend getaway. The trip was originally going to be the weekend of the 13th, but I didn’t want to have to go months without something to look forward to, so I put it off for a few weeks.

I’ll be posting about all these fun things PLUS my Eurotrip after next week, so stick around!

3 thoughts on “Exciting September

    • Haha whoo! How’s that working out for you? Sometimes I feel this desperate need to apply for grad school NAO and then become a professor so that I can always justify back-to-school shopping at the beginning of September. XD


      • It’s alright. I’m working full time and I go to the gym right after, so I keep myself busy. Though all my friends seem to be going off to grad school. Makes me feel a little unsuccessful with the route I took since my job isn’t related to my degree at all!


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