Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

I literally was just introduced to Bullet Journal by one of my recently-found favorite blogs, Life in Limbo by Stephanie Pellet (she’s fantastic, btw). It’s a beautiful system devised by Ryder Carroll and it got me really excited this morning.

I made a Chinese New Year’s resolution to do some daily journaling, and I was actually doing pretty well in China up until my next-to-last day in Harbin. (I had a miserable time in Harbin and writing about how miserable I was kind of discouraged me from journaling much.)

I don’t have much to say about it that the Bullet Journal website or Steph don’t already say, but the short version is that it’s a superbly organized way to index and record your thoughts and tasks. I will be starting this out for the month of April, since I will be starting a new job (!!) then and also because it makes things easier for me and for the Bullet Journal system to do things month-by-month. I’ll definitely report back at the end of April if and how much I liked bullet journaling.  (I also will not bother just taking the photos from Steph’s blog or from the Bullet Journal website because, well, they explain it better than I do anyway! Go on and visit them if you’re interested.)

Here’s an overview of some of the features bullet journaling has that can prove supremely beneficial:

  • Index + page numbers
  • Monthly calendar
  • Monthly to-do list
  • Daily lists (bullets divided into tasks, events, and thoughts)
  • Option for collections lists (for any other topic)

Obviously, no one is forcing you to adhere to the guidelines laid out. This isn’t software where you are limited to doing things a certain way. (Although it would be easy enough to design a website for bullet journaling.) This is just a framework for making journaling a little easier on people who struggle to keep it up. (Like me!) (Don’t count how many started journals I have, it’s far too many.)

If you don’t believe me, you can do a quick search and see that a lot of people have loved the system. I’m a big fan of Lifehacker, and they’ve sung the praises of Bullet Journal as well. (Lifehacker is also why I try really hard to get into Evernote. It hasn’t happened yet, sorry!)

Does this sound like something you’d try?
Do you journal regularly? (Or blog regularly?)

Speaking of April and blogging regularly, I think I may undertake BEDA – Blog Every Day April. We’ll see how that works out XD

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