21 Things You Learn From Living In The DMV

Chelsea Fagan writes a lot of truth here. I highly recommend a visit, not only to DC but to the greater DMV so you can just take it all in.

Thought Catalog

1. For the rest of your life, you will have to explain to confused people that “DMV” means “DC, Maryland, and Virgina,” and not that you grew up on the floor of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

2. The DC metro is unreliable, and slow, and closes early. Many is the time you have found yourself at the platform after a night out, just wanting to get home in a reasonable amount of time, confronted with a “22 minutes” notice for the next train. One of your biggest hobbies is complaining about the DC metro.

3. But when you go to the subway system of any other city, you are immediately grateful for how clean and aesthetically pleasing DC is in comparison.

4. One of the greatest betrayals a person can experience is watching a Sonic commercial on heavy rotation on nearly every channel, while not living within 100 miles…

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