Whether the Weather

I post a lot of weather app screenshots to Instagram.

It’s not necessarily that I have nothing else going on in my life… not every time, anyway.

But I just have a bit of a preoccupation with the weather. I always like being prepared for the weather. I’m the kind of person who carries an umbrella around every day.

I like knowing what temperature it is outside. What’s the probability that it will rain? What is the humidity? What time are sunrise and sunset? How much wind are we experiencing and where is that wind coming from? Is there a tornado watch or is it a tornado warning?

I am a little embarrassed by how many of these screenshots I have. But I am the kind of person who checks the weather, even on days that I know I will be holed up indoors all day.

It’s really a miracle that any of my friends still follow my Instagram. And they’ll even like these photos!

Maybe I’m like their surrogate weather app…

I think it goes without saying that the thing I post most frequently on Instagram is weather app screenshots.

What do you post most on Instagram?
Do you care as strongly about the weather as I do? Or could you not care less?

2 thoughts on “Whether the Weather

    • Yes! The weather here is so crazy (as you may have noticed, the temperature is all over the place) and I always want to be prepared. I just stick it in the little water bottle slot of my bag so that I never forget it. I used to always leave it in my car and then get soaked… trying to get to my car. XD


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