Starr in Europe

You mean you didn’t ask to see a bunch of photos of my face from my trip to Europe? OOPS SORRY 😛
This is meant to tide you over until I muster up the willpower to finish the recaps. (If I don’t finish those by 2015, I probably never will.)

Here’s a collection of all the photos I have of myself from my trip in Europe. Some of them aren’t flattering and a lot of them I had to take myself (so sad) but here they are! Ways for me to know that I really was there. (Because I don’t know how to use Photoshop… alas, I am not quite so l33t.)

My dad should have a lot more, actually, but I don’t have a hold of those just yet. For now, here is my selfie compilation, I guess? He loves taking photos of me and my brother when we go on vacation, so he has heaps of portraits of me.

These are posted in the order of when I took them, starting with our initial visit to London, going around my cruise itinerary, swinging ’round to Paris and then back to London.

Let me know if you’d also like a gallery of just my food photos, because there are a LOT of those, too! XD I don’t really enjoy taking photos of myself, so I don’t have a lot of selfies, but some places I wanted to remember seeing and being there.

Do you have a favorite? Mine is maybe the Dalek one, which was my Facebook profile photo for a little while.

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