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(Proceeds to not post a blog yesterday)

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Yesterday was a rough day. My husband was paged in the middle of the night, which woke me as well. Since I was unable to fall back asleep after then, I luxuriated with a morning facial oil (so I could try to depuff my sleepy face with a cold roller and some gua sha) and a healthy breakfast.

It was rough for other reasons that I don’t want to go into too much right now but, despite how ~off~ the entire day was, I was actually relatively productive? I took a meeting sitting on the floor to try to let the sun shine on my face and it was an energizing change, versus being a distracting one. I ate a salad for lunch, which is silly to consider a productive tasks but it did feel productive. I had planned on taking a nap but wound up dealing with the bulk of my work tasks during the last few hours of my work day. I was finally able to donate the KN95 masks that I have had since the beginning of quarantine. Despite planning for a nap that never happened and intending to go at about half-capacity, I managed to keep up pretty well with the workout class I was signed up to do. After, I had a really nice catch-up phone call with a friend.

Of course, being as sleep-deprived as I was, I nearly forgot about my 14-day workout challenge until I was literally headed to bed, and of course, c o m p l e t e l y blanked on writing a blog post as well.

So this is a belated post for yesterday, but there will be another for tonight. Being in the home stretch for my challenges is exciting! I do the last of the workout challenge tonight and tomorrow we’ll do a reflection on 30 days of blogging.

Cosplay Wishlist 2020?

A looooong time ago, before I started actually participating slightly in cosplay, I made a little costume wishlist of characters who I wanted to bring to life.

With many conventions getting cancelled this year, I have been thinking a lot about the cosplayers who I have been following and befriending, whose plans and potentially incomes have been affected by the convention circuit being derailed. However, they have been trying to stay positive and are sharing their cosplay plans for whenever they are able to start attending conventions again.

In that vein, I have been thinking a lot about new costumes I want to make a reality for myself, eventually!

Designing The Dresses For BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth (And The ...

Elizabeth's Burial at Sea Outfit Analysis | REAL OTAKU GAMER ...

From the original list, I still haven’t done Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite yet, actually! This game is pretty old now but I hope I get to do wear it soon, because it’s maybe the first game I’ve played all the way through, with my husband. Read More »

About the Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite


You have probably heard of Fortnite by now: It’s one of the biggest games in the world, one of the highest grossing games of all time, picked up a lot of awards, and has become a virtual gathering space for millions of players. You may know it from the dances that the game popularized, especially among the student demographic that has been particularly creative with utilizing Fortnite as another social space.

A year ago, Marshmello put on a concert in-game in Fortnite, with a stage set up from which he performed a live set for players. It was a pretty radical idea, that a huge musician would do a concert inside of a video game, and it led many people to wonder what would be next in the music and gaming crossover world.

Well, another noteworthy entry is here from the Fortnite devs again — Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert, provided here in full by IGN:

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Anime Backlog

After having a discussion with a coworker about what anime series he should start watching next, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own extremely long backlog of shows (and movies) to watch. You see, even though I have attended a few anime conventions now and consider myself a casual anime fan, I’ve only seen a fairly small handful of series all the way through. On top of that, I am watching almost NO current ongoing shows (except for Food Wars) and having really watched anything on the newer side in many, many years. In addition, I actually haven’t seen many of the “classics” either.

This has always felt like a really huge gap of knowledge of mine, only made more apparent when I attend anime conventions. Sure, my ability to somehow stay abreast of areas of pop culture I care about (anime, TV shows, video games, movies) without actually consuming these specific things keeps me from being as lost as, say, my husband, who watches nearly no anime at all and never got into it when he was younger. But I know I’m missing out on some good stuff in the world of anime.

So here is just a shortlist of some of the anime movies and shows that I hope I can watch soon:

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Friday Favorites (9)

We made it to Friday~

This week felt a bit shorter, to me, or like it went a bit faster. On the one hand, it’s a bit of a relief that I don’t feel like these weeks are a torturous slog but on the other hand, I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing that my hours and days are just melting into one another. I think a big part of why my week seems to have sped past me is that, instead of finishing work and settling into existential dread for several hours before I fall asleep, I’ve been squeezing in 2 workouts a day during the work week because I am trying to take advantage of the free classes that have been made available to me on top of doing my 14-day challenge. Going from 0 workouts a month to 2 a day has been, uh, HARD, even with me maybe half-effort-ing some of them so that put together I have one whole efforted workout, but I’m glad I’ve survived so far, although I don’t know that I’ll survive any longer.

Without further ado, some of my favorite things from this past week:Read More »