About the Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite


You have probably heard of Fortnite by now: It’s one of the biggest games in the world, one of the highest grossing games of all time, picked up a lot of awards, and has become a virtual gathering space for millions of players. You may know it from the dances that the game popularized, especially among the student demographic that has been particularly creative with utilizing Fortnite as another social space.

A year ago, Marshmello put on a concert in-game in Fortnite, with a stage set up from which he performed a live set for players. It was a pretty radical idea, that a huge musician would do a concert inside of a video game, and it led many people to wonder what would be next in the music and gaming crossover world.

Well, another noteworthy entry is here from the Fortnite devs again — Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert, provided here in full by IGN:

Not only did this concert set new concurrent player records, but it took much more advantage of taking place in an in-game world than the Marshmello concert did. Even though you start out looking at a stage, as with the last concert, the show quickly becomes a lot more interesting. Why be limited to a stage, when you can be underwater or in space or get blasted into mid-air with the other concert goers?

The world of video games is not limited the way venues in real life are. I can only imagine what kind of concerts will be available when virtual reality and augmented reality experiences become more polished and refined. This show blew my mind in the best way possible. (Also, it made me realize how much I appreciate Travis Scott’s music? What a good set.)

It’s exciting! And that this was able to happen while we’re all sheltering in place makes the feat even more remarkable. I don’t want to spoil the 10-minute show for you all, but it is really worth a watch, even if you don’t know much about Fortnite or Travis Scott.

What do you think of innovations like this?

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