Pizza + Quesadilla = Pizzadilla [recipe]

Did you hear chain emails are coming back into vogue? I got sent one the other day, but the intent was more wholesome than I remember them being when I was 11. It was a recipe exchange, and here’s the simple but satisfying one I sent as my contribution.

Pizzadilla! (Pizza + Quesadilla)

Pizza Quesadilla – Quick & Easy 4-Ingredient Recipe
Photo: Parade


  • 1-2 tortillas
  • Sauce
    • I usually have some kind of pizza sauce just for this occasion, but you can use anything depending on the kind of pizza flavors you’re going for
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Toppings of choice
    • Pepperoni and spinach are usually on mine
  • Oil (if frying)
  • OPTIONAL: Flavor garnishes of choice
    • I like red pepper flakes and roasted garlic/garlic powder
  • OPTIONAL: Something to dip the whole shebang in
    • Can be extra pizza sauce, can be ranch, go wild


These depend a lot on how you prefer to make quesadillas. You can either do two tortillas stacked on each other OR fold over one quesadilla. I like doing the first way, so I’ll be focusing on that method, but you can more easily seal up the second way and I do like doing that for when I want a smaller portion. I’ll put those instructions in (parentheses)

  1. Spread sauce on both tortillas, leaving a bit of room at the edge
  2. Sprinkle some cheese on one tortilla
  3. Add toppings (to half the tortilla, if you are folding)
  4. Add a little more cheese to keep it all together if you are using 2 tortillas (you should have cheese on the un-topping-ed half if you are folding)
  5. Sprinkle on any garnishes
  6. Place your second tortilla on top, pinching shut if you’re concerned about  (or fold over the tortilla and pinch the edges shut)
  7. Heat some oil in a pan/skillet if you are frying your pizzadilla and lay it down when the oil is hot.
    • I think you can make this in an oven but I never have because I don’t make this for health.
  8. Flip when the first side is golden brown and the cheese starts to get melty.
  9. Remove from the pan once both sides are golden brown and the cheese is all melty
  10. Cut the pizzadilla if you want (easier to dip this way, if you are dipping) and enjoy. CAREFUL it will be hot.


What’s a simple and comforting recipe you’ve been making lately?
Do you have any pizza-inspired foods you like to make?
I won’t get into my whole deal about things not being pizza but I love seeing the different riffs on the ingredients and flavors!

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